ACTiCLOUD Final Press Release
Posted on 2020-01-17

Broadcast episode about MonetDB and MonetDB Solutions
Posted on 2019-12-16

How the Dutch MonetDB squeezes the last drop of performance out of a server.

Demo @ Middleware 2019
Posted on 2019-12-10

MonetDB Solutions appoints Niels Nes as CTO
Posted on 2019-11-06

Posted on 2019-10-30

We have released six new deliverables for the v2.0 components of the ACTiCLOUD architecture.

Paper @ MPLR2019
Posted on 2019-10-21

MonetDB Solutions Secures Investment from ServiceNow
Posted on 2019-10-01

MonetDB Solutions Secures an Investment from ServiceNow to help Large Enterprises Drive Digital Transformation at Scale.

Plenary F2F Meeting @ Athens
Posted on 2019-09-30

We are excited for the upcoming ACTiCLOUD plenary F2F meeting that will be hosted by ICCS at Athens during 1-2 October 2019!

Paper presented @ ICPP2019
Posted on 2019-08-10